Stout Leadership

Jim Gunderson, President

Jim has been in the sign business for nearly 20 years. Always a builder, he has been using his hands to create since childhood. Manufacturing has proved to be a perfect way to combine his creative skills in building, 3D thinking and relationship development with customers and colleagues alike. Prior to his time in the sign business, Jim was a National Account Executive for a Retail Services company in New York where he cut his teeth managing projects across disciplines for major national retail brands. The time he spent in this industry earned him both thick skin and an acute awareness of the need to perform as stated. Early on Jim was an Army Lieutenant specializing in Ordinance and Maintenance Logistics which provided experience in establishing systems and managing people. When not engrossed in the business, Jim spends his time hanging out with his wife and trying to convince his twin boys that after much consideration it is now widely accepted that being a sign maker is the most important job in the World.

Bill Gunderson, Partner

Bill has been involved with the sign business for over 20 years and a geek about old signs for much longer. He and Jim started a sign business in Denver in the 1990’s before consolidating it with Stout in 2012. He enjoys the manufacturing challenges, creative opportunities and building long term relationships with customers, vendors and employees alike.  Prior to starting a sign business he was a National Sales Manager for a small consumer products company which has helped him to understand some of the challenges brands face in a competitive marketing environment. He and his family love being part of the Colorado lifestyle where they have lived for 20+ years.