Stout Sign Co’s Glossary of Product Descriptions

Here at Stout Sign Co, we make a variety of sign products, from metal signs to event tents. We want to make sure our clients have access to all the information they may possibly need when it comes to making an informed product request. Each of the below terms explains a bit further about each of our sign products, and the buttons lead you to an example of the type of product discussed. 


ACM stands for Aluminum Composite Material and is used in our fascia systems.

ADA Compliant

Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act instituted by the Department of Justice.

Back Lighted / Backlit

A type of illuminated sign that uses light to create depth and make the signage stand out.

Box Sign

A box sign is a type of illuminated sign and comes in many forms, internal illuminated, backlit or layered.


Short for “convenience store,” this can refer to signs used both inside and outside of retail and petroleum locations.

Cabinet Sign

Also known as box signs, cabinet signs are a type of illuminated sign that is lit from inside to create 3D visual interest.

Case Stackers

Our case stacker signs help complete a stack of your products placed on a retailers floor. They help create better visibility for promoting your products or specials. Our metal case stackers are made from durable aluminum.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a type of illuminated, dimensional signage, often cut to custom shapes or formed to spell letters or company names. Usually lit with LEDs or neon lighting and most typically found on exterior walls.

Corrugated Signs

Corrugated signs are made of aluminum material. They are manufactured by sending the aluminum through the process of roll forming. They can be cut to custom shapes and are rustic, lightweight yet strong.


Decals are flat signs that can be affixed to walls, windows, or floors. Use them for directional signs or to draw attention to specific products.

Electric Signs

Our electric signs come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They can be internally illuminated, backlit or layered with mixed materials for more visual impact.

Embossed Signs

Embossing is the process of stamping metal to produce metal signage with raised or sunken designs, providing an attractive 3D visual element.

Fascia / Fascia Systems

A fascia system sign is a type of sign material installed on the vertical surface of a building that runs from the grade to the roofline and horizontally across the width of the building.

Flange Signs

Flange signs have a rib or rim that allows for easy attachment to a wall or surface. Our metal flange signs are made from sturdy aluminum and can be customized to your branding.


Our forecourt products complete your imaging and branding around pumps, canopies, and store entrance. These can include flange signs, pump wraps, and snap frame signs.


Forming in metal signs is the process of manipulating the metal to create a unique design and shape.

Halo Signs

Halo lighted signs are a version of a backlit sign that is lighted in a way that creates a “halo” effect around letters or shapes.

Illuminated Signs

Our illuminated signs come in many forms. They can be internally illuminated, backlit or layered with mixed materials.

Metal Signs

Metal signs are signs made from metal materials, often aluminum. Metal signs are ideal for promotion materials as the convey a sense of strength and permanence.

POP Signs

An acronym for “Point Of Purchase.” POP signage is a type of display that draws attention to products and encourages shoppers to make a purchase.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign that is detached from a building and are elevated to draw attention to a business as well as stand above obstructions.

Sail Signs

Sails signs are also called flag signs. They use the surrounding winds to help draws attention to your product or retail location. Ours come in both a large and mini format.

Snap Frame Signs

Snap frame signs are a type of sign system that allows for easy and quick changes to promotional materials. The frame has easy open and close edges that “snap” into place.

Table Tent Signs

Table tents are self-standing signs that can be placed on table or counter tops. Our metal table tents are made from sturdy aluminum construction and bright graphics.

Tacker Signs

Tackers or Metal Tackers are metal signs used to promote a business or brand. Our metal tackers are made from aluminum and can be custom-cut to any shape and size.

Vacuum Form

A fascia system is printed with your image and installed on the vertical surface of your canopy. Fascia signs are one of the most important areas for branding a petroleum location.

Wood Signs

Wood signs are made of plywood and are highly customizable. Wood signs can be treated to give a distressed look and cut to custom shapes and sizes.