Stout Product Highlight: Illuminated Cabinet Signs

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A box sign originated in a form that is pretty self-explanatory: a box! Box signs are also known as cabinet signs, which are a long-standing form of signage that keeps your brand visible after dark. These signs are great alternatives if you are unable to create channel letter signs for your business. 

Nowadays, box signs can take a variety of different shapes, but they are almost always illuminated. They are often mounted on pylons to soar above surrounding buildings and drawing attention to your establishment. They also look great and perform well when mounted onto flat surfaces, such as above entrances to your building or shop. We can design, manufacture, fulfill, and install all your illuminated box sign needs, whether you have one location or many. 

If you’re looking for something to decorate or bring interest to your retail store or point of purchase area, consider our metal illuminated box signs. Options include metal cans with acrylic faces and backlit graphics. Add even further dimension with a combined flat face and push-through acrylic graphic. Our sturdy metal construction will last you for years to come.

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