Point of Purchase: A Short History of Product Displays

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As businesses shifted away from wholesale to retail, it became increasingly important for products to stand out. And it wasn’t only the shift from wholesale to retail that began the transition.

Did you know the availability of plate glass in the 1800s had a major impact on retailing and product displays in particular? It’s true. Plate glass becoming widely available allowed shop owners to create large windows in which they could create elaborate displays. Window displays eventually became important enough to retailers to warrant the likes of Andy Warhol and even Salvador Dali getting in on the game.

Window displays aren’t the only way to draw attention to your products. Utilizing displays to create interior spaces that promote your products is another way to increase attention and sales. For over 100 years, Stout has been working with companies to create displays that reflect their brand, draw attention to their products, and provide a unique experience.

Stout has created displays for brands of all sizes and industries, including some of the world’s largest. Contact Stout today to get started creating custom displays for your products.

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