A Classic Fit: Metal Tacker Signs

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For as long as we can remember, calling something “tacky” has always been considered an insult. We think this is unfortunate because some of our favorite things are tacky—metal tacker signs! 

A Little Background

Metal tacker signs are classic sigs that are most often associated with breweries, bars, and pubs. They’re eye-catching and often shiny full-color metal signs that display company logos, special drink releases, and more. They rose to popularity and prominence along with the Model T as automobile travel gave rise to the opportunity for roadside signs. They have continued to be sign favorites to this day.

Why They’d Work For You

Metal tacker signs are bringing retro back! In such a digital-heavy age, tactile, vibrant signs are great investments. Metal signs, in particular, are a great choice because their material is durable and holds up very well over time. Not only will you be bringing new nostalgia to your location or merchandise, one day even the sign itself will be considered vintage! All of this and our tackers are made from 60% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Your signs will be eco-friendly/eco-conscious while displaying your brand beautifully.

You can opt to have signs made for your locations, for advertising, or for merchandise. They work especially well in point of purchase areas and retail sectors. Let your loyal followers take a piece of you home with them.

Ready to have your custom metal tacker signs made? Contact Stout today to request a quote!

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