Illuminated Signs: Then & Now

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The Origin of Illuminated Signs

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before nighttime navigation was made easy by illuminated signs. Can you imagine an 18th-century pub crawl where you couldn’t see the sign for the next pub? Eventually, shop owners caught on and began using oil lamps and candles to illuminate their storefront signs, and soon after—electricity came along and changed the game forever.

In the 1920s, electrical signs began lighting up streets, more efficiently directing traffic to shops, doctors, train stations, and more. Originally, light bulbs were installed around the outside of an illuminated sign to simply draw attention. Soon after, light bulbs were moved to create the lettering on signs so that brand names were lit as well, allowing potential customers to find their way to retail shops and other purchase spaces as well.

Moving into the Future

However, the bulb bubble eventually had to burst. New technology was created as we moved into the middle of the 20th century. Runner lights, tube lighting, and neon signs began lighting up the streets. Eventually, LED illuminated signs became more common, allowing businesses of all sizes to create compelling illuminated signs without the maintenance and cost of replacing bulbs. Now, you can find a wide variety of illuminated signs helping to advertise businesses and products.

LED technology makes crafting your logo into any number of impactful signs more achievable than ever. Custom channel letters, interesting wall mounted cabinet signs and pylon signs can all be built to suit your unique brand. Businesses are enjoying the reduced costs associated with utilizing long-lasting and energy-efficient LED!

Stout Sign Co is proud to have been manufacturing illuminated business signs for many years. Let us take your dream to reality with a custom-built, energy efficient sign.

Contact Stout today to request a quote about custom illuminated signs!

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