Custom Signs for The Automotive Aftermarket

From everyday commuting to cross-country road trips, America is a nation built on steel, wheels, and automobiles. Stout’s history is also built on the rise of car-based transportation, and we are [...]

Custom Signs and the Show-Me State

Missouri’s nickname is “The Show Me” State, and we think it’s a perfect fit for our location. We’ve been based just outside of Saint Louis for over 130 years (find more about our history here), [...]


Stout at 2019 GlobalShop Expo

Visit Stout at GlobalShop @ RetailX in Chicago June 25-27, 2019 For more than 25 years, GlobalShop has served as the retail industry’s largest design and merchandising trade show. New this year, [...]

Illuminated Signs: Then & Now

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before nighttime navigation was made easy by illuminated signs.


The Story Behind Stout Sign Co.

OUR HISTORY Here at Stout Sign Co, we are incredibly proud to be part of the history of signs as advertising as the oldest St. Louis sign company still in operation. It can be argued that signage [...]