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Did you know that one in every three Americans stops at a fast food restaurant every single day? Americans spent approximately 745 billion dollars eating out in 2015, and that means that the restaurant business is booming. To keep your business booming, however, you need to stay at the top of your branding and messaging game.


Customers experience your brand from the moment they approach your location. From your pylon signs that draw them in from the highway to the drive-thru menu boards, and to the graphics you put on your walls, customers interact with you. We strive to make sure that our clients have a cohesive message from outside to inside, and top to bottom.

Let’s cover some of our favorite offerings for custom restaurant industry signs that we think make an impact on your business:

Inside Signs:

  • Wall Graphics & Graphic Elements
    • We offer a variety of materials to create stunning, visually-impactful wall designs and graphic elements for your customers to enjoy as they eat inside your location. 
  • Menus
    • From 3D installations to hand-chalked boards, our custom menu signs allow you to showcase your personality while also informing customers of your delicious options.
  • Store Operations Signs
    • These signs allow you to provide informational signs for both your employees and your customers. They’ll know where to head for restrooms, areas to avoid, and be able to easily navigate around your location.
  • Point of Purchase Signs
    • We offer a wide variety of point of purchase signage to help entice, excite, and inform your customers as they prepare to enjoy their meals inside your restaurants. Custom metal table tents and product displays allow you to create physical signs that catch customers’ eyes. You can even have a chalkboard sign that your employees can update by hand for daily specials. And if you have a bar inside your location, we can create custom bar and floor mats, providing a visually exciting experience that makes your employees proud of their workplace. 

Outside Signs:

  • Channel Letters and Cabinet Signs
    • Without these, your customers might not even know what building they’re walking into! Our custom channel letters and custom cabinet signs are durable, professionally manufactured, and installed with great attention to detail. 
  • Sidewalk-based Signs
    • Use our custom flag signs to draw your customers in from the street, or our banners to grab attention with more information.
  • Drive-Thrus and Near-Door Signs
    • Our drive-thru elements and metal awnings provide an engaging experience for those who opt to grab their food to go. Monument signs are also great if your restaurant sits back from the street or foot traffic area. 
  • Directionals
    • Last but not least, let us know about your exterior directional signs—these can be small but mighty ways when it comes to helping your customers navigate their way around your location.

We’d love to discuss your custom restaurant signs & signage needs with you. We not only offer manufacturing of all of our stellar sign designs, but we also facilitate installation, so you won’t have to worry about finding someone additional to complete your project for you.
Contact us today to discuss having custom-crafted signs for your company.

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