On The Move: Custom Exterior Signs

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While a lot of signs are stationary and/or permanent fixtures in your marketing efforts, sometimes you need to take your messaging with you. Whether you’re involved in an indoor conference or an outdoor event and need shelter from the sun, Stout has you covered (literally). They’re perfect for retail spaces, point of purchase areas, or even to catch attention for special events at your convenience store locations. Check out some of our custom exterior sign options below!

Come Sail Away

Signs that dance in the wind are some of the easiest ways to grab customers’ attention. Our sail sign flags are available in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and shapes. Completely customizable, our sail sign flags will flutter in the breeze, displaying your branding and company colors with flair. We even offer them in a mini size, so you can easily install them inside, outside, and on the go!

Events Can Be In-tents Sometimes

We’re corny, we know—but our branded tent options are serious in both the affordable and effective departments! Stand out from the crowd by having your branding, logo, and more on the tent above you. Even if your event is small, we have you covered by our 6’x6′ pop-up tent. Our standard 10’x10′ tents come in a variety of levels of durability as well. Try out our Deluxe 10’x10′ with an enhanced steel frame. Our Premium Steel 10’x10′ Tents feature a 3-year warranty so that you can use the tent again and again. For the longest-lasting structure, check out our Ultimate 10’x10′ Tents: they come with a 10-year warranty.

Stay in the Shade

If your setup is just a bit smaller or you just need to stay in the shade while outside, we offer custom branded umbrellas as well. They’re especially perfect for outdoor festivals and are easy to set up and break down. With a 7′ diameter, you’re guaranteed to stay cool.


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