The Importance of Branding

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As a sign company, you might assume that all we think about is the design and manufacturing of signs, and forget about them as soon as they are installed. But that’s simply not the case! We know that signs, especially exterior signs, are some of the first contact moments a consumer has with your company. That’s why branding is extremely important.

Show Me What You’re Working With

Branding is how you describe yourself to the world. It’s a form of marketing that has always existed and sets the stage for your products, personality, and customer experience. Branding makes your company recognizable, creates new customers, and boosts your company’s worth over time. 

For some industries, signage plays an integral part in their branding. We’ve worked with many petroleum companies to carry their message from their in-store graphics to their exterior signs, and even onto their gasoline pumps.

Telling the Full Story

Customers begin interacting with your branding as soon as they set foot on your premises. One of the most important parts of branding is making sure that wherever possible, your branding is represented cohesively. We aim to ensure that your full story is told through branding by offering completely customizable sign options. That way, every last opportunity of cohesive branding is covered! Let’s go over how we accomplish this for our petro customers:

Pump Flanges
Pump flanges help direct your customers, and they’re often one of the first things a customer thinks about as they pull into your station. They’re a perfect opportunity to introduce your branding—using your company’s colors, fonts, and more.

Fascia Systems
Fascia systems are one of the most important parts of your location’s branding. They are often the tallest component of your location and draw customers in. From your convenience storefront’s top to the overhead roof at your gas pumps, we can provide the perfect fascia system for you.

Pump Wraps
Speaking of your gas pumps, we can ensure that your branding is even included on your pumps, so your customers are certain to never miss your unique branding.

In-Store Graphics and Signs
Once your customers enter your shop, you don’t want them to lose a connection with your branding. We offer a variety of options to elevate your customers’ experience as they browse your products.

Cabinet Signs
Cabinet signs are perfect for companies who want their branding and logos to be illuminated. Customers can’t possibly miss your location with brightly-lit exterior signs.

General Interior Signs
Last but not least, we can’t forget about those interior signs that inform and direct both your customers and employees. Having a solid brand message can also positively impact your employees’ experience, helping them feel proud of their workplace and their impact at their job. Make sure their “wash your hands” reminder fits your branding message! And remind customers just how invested you are in your branding story by customizing your directional signage.


Branding is central to showcasing your company to the world. It both attracts and keeps customers.
Contact us today to discuss having custom-created interior and exterior signs to smartly display your branding.

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