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Being in business for nearly 150 years has allowed us to form relationships with our convenience store, petroleum, and retail store customers that extend far beyond your typical sign transaction. We’re always open to discussing possible solutions to any of our customer’s needs. Frequently our projects begin with a request to build signs then expand into additional services like permitting and installation. These services have become as much our mainstay as building the signs themselves and we can promise the same quality and knowledge you’ve come to depend on. We thought we would shine a little light on our additional services below.

Accent Lighting for C-Store, Petro, and Retail Stores

Accent lighting for c-store, petroleum, and retail stores is a great way to stand out in low light while promoting a safe environment for patrons. We most often serve our c-store and petro clients with canopy lighting, and our retail clients with linear accent lighting. Our linear accent lighting options are great for drawing attention to your store while highlighting architectural elements.  We offer standard forms or custom accent lighting for retail stores, c-store and petro clients and will do the installation as well. To learn more about our accent lighting options for convenience and retail stores, click here

Awnings for Retail and Convenience Stores

Whether they’re implemented for visual appeal or function, custom awnings can make a big impact for your retail or c-store. You can pair them with your custom signage for a clean, streamlined look, or add them to an existing footprint for a fresh update that also keeps your patrons protected from the elements. To learn more about custom awnings for retail and convenience stores, click here

Panels and Graphics

Branding doesn’t have to include bold type, photography, and calls to action. If you’re looking to add some interesting graphics or textures to walls or store surfaces, we’d love to show you your options for creatively adding or replacing store architectural elements. We’ve helped our clients create custom coated ACM (aluminum composite materials) panels that are on-brand and mar-resistant. We also offer wall graphics and other graphic elements for our c-store and retail customers. To learn more about our panels and graphics options for convenience and retail stores click here

Stout Sign Company LLC ™ has been creating custom c-store, petro, and retail signs, panels, and lighting for inside, outside and beyond since 1886. We proudly make all of our signs in the USA. 

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