Signage that Works: Best Practices in Store Signage

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After much research has concluded that people do, in fact, judge a store by its sign, the art of sign design has been taken much more seriously by business owners.  A well-thought-out signage plan can drive more traffic, create unique experiences, and convert sales. We’ve gathered our top sign design considerations for you to think about when deciding what to do in your store. Consider the following best practices when outfitting your space with new signage:


It’s important that the font you choose is on-brand, but it’s even more important that it’s legible. So, if your brand font is Curlz MT find a nice complementary, bold sans serif font to use on your signage. Scale should also be carefully considered to ensure something that takes up a lot of real estate is worth it by being legible from far away, and also that the smaller signs can still make an impact. Afterall, what is the point in spending money on signs that are difficult to read? Not sure what font would look best from 100 feet away? We are happy to help with these types of decisions. 

Modularity and Material Quality

Creating mini environments through modular displays is something that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. This can be achieved with higher quality signage that complements the brand tone of the larger space, but can be fitted with merchandising or check-out displays to create a cohesive unit. If your store has a designated space for certain products, you might consider creating an environment around it using signage. This will draw attention to the whole area while maintaining the overall brand presence. If you need help creating displays for your store, we are happy to assist you. 


Channel letters, mixed media, and awnings are all signage options that create dimension and add to the environment both inside and outside of the store. Not only does adding dimensionality make your signage pop, it tells the customer a little more about your brand if done well. It’s important to consider dimensionality as part of your brand story by using wood mounting, or adding signature red awnings to displays inside to create a cohesive experience. If you have questions about adding dimensionality to your store’s signage, we re here to help. 

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