Three Tips for a Highly Effective Drive Thru Restaurant Menu 

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Three Tips for a Highly Effective Drive Thru Restaurant Menu 

If it’s been a while, now is a great time to think about revamping your restaurant drive-thru menu. There are proven factors that can be taken into consideration when designing your drive-thru menu or revamping your indoor or outdoor restaurant menu wall graphic. Squeezing the most value out of these assets is a simple and effective way to drive sales and ensure customer satisfaction. We have been helping clients create restaurant menus for years and we have picked up a few tips along the way. We thought we would share a couple of those with you below. 

Less Options for Them, More Money for You

We have worked with many clients throughout the years that find creative ways to present options so that customers can navigate their drive-thru menu with ease. We make restaurant drive-thru menus and indoor wall menu graphics that stand out without overwhelming visitors and are happy to share some interesting ideas. To learn more about our restaurant drive-thru and menu wall graphics options for restaurants, click here

Find Creative Ways to Limit Text

While studies show removing money-related elements like dollar signs and zeros from the menu can generate more sales, it also rids valuable space of unnecessary text. Using photos and other on-brand visual elements can provide a non-text reference that is instantly received. Thinking about what can be left off or replaced with a visual also helps to dial it back on the options. Less options and text means quicker decisions, resulting in faster transactions and more customers. We can help you design your restaurant drive-thru or wall graphic menu with optimum efficiency and legibility. To learn more about custom drive-thru menus and graphic wall menus, click here

Lighting and Display Design Make a Big Impact

Materials and lighting can be used to tell your brand story and generate sales by drawing the eye and highlighting key items on your restaurant drive-thru or wall menu. Creating a restaurant menu board that draws the eye and is easy to ready depends on many factors. An illuminated drive-thru menu is key for dinner-time customers. Using graphic panels and creative elements to display your restaurant menu on a wall make a big brand statement your customers will remember. We are happy to provide you with guidance and ideas for choosing how to display your restaurant menu for optimum efficiency. To learn more about our lighting and display options, click here

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