Stout Product Highlight: Acrylic & Mixed Materials Signs

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While we offer a lot of metal signage, we also create signs with a number of other materials, such as wood and acrylic. 

Can’t decide between a metal sign or a wood sign? No worries! We’ll combine the look of both materials with our mixed materials options. 3D stand-off layers, embossed options, and cut custom shapes are all available. Almost nothing is out of the realm of possibility. 

If you like depth in your branding, our acrylic layered signs are a perfect fit. Our architectural element options might be of interest as well. Graphic panels are especially gorgeous and functional, and also offer easy cleaning surfaces that can stand the test of time and use. 

Mixed material signs and acrylic signs work well for a variety of industries. They perform beautifully as retail business signs, automotive company signs, restaurants, and point of purchase signs

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